Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pompeii and Greece: A Journey to the Lands of the Pagans.

This trip was one devoted to history and relaxation...with a little pilgrimage mixed in (not pagan). A friend of mine and I decided to skip a week of classes to travel down to Pompeii in Italy and into Greece. We took the train down into southern Italy to Pompeii and then took a 10 hr ferry across the Adriatic Sea to the city of Patras on the mainland of Greece. From there we travelled north to Delphi where the oracle of the Greek gods resided 3000 years ago. After that we went to Athens and took a ferry to the island of Patmos just off the west coast of Turkey. Patmos is the island where St. John was exiled and where he wrote the book of Revelation. Afterward we went back to Athens and saw the sites there, and then flew home. The trip was indeed one to remember.

A view of Mt. Vesuvius looming over the ancient city of Pompeii that it destroyed.

in Pompeii as well...

A view overlooking the temple to Apollo in Delphi, Greece.

A woman in meditation outside the temple of Apollo in Delphi. Apparently some people still take the whole pagan thing seriously.

A view upon our arrival into Patras, Greece.

A view over the bow of our sea vessel...on its way to Greece after leaving Italy.

on the island of Patmos.... The Suzuki Jimney that we rented for 3 days to get around the island.

Greece is 98% Eastern Orthodox. The island of Patmos was no different. Priests are everywhere and their little white churches are everywhere as well.

A view of Patmos in the Aegean Sea from a monastery up on a mountain.

A view of the Acropolis in Athens Greece... I am standing on a huge rock/ancient meeting place where St. Paul preached to the heathens...

the Acropolis...

This is a picture of the most intact building in the ancient city of Athens. It is another pagan temple and I believe it is fairly old.

Monday, March 03, 2008

10 Days of Florence, Orvieto, Rome, & Assisi!

Forgive the lack of order in these pictures. We first travelled to Florence with a group of 17. Afterward, three of us went to Orvieto on our way to Rome to meet up with the rest of the school. After Rome the whole school then travelled to Assisi. There we met the sis and are now in Gaming. Gute Reise!

Three charming young men in Orvieto

The charming landscape of Orvieto

Our group in Florence over the Arno River

Florence Cathedral

An Italian gangster

A friend of ours now studying in France (center). We just happened to run into him at the Papal Audience

Al Capone himself

...and his wheels.

Above Assisi

Back in Rome

Benie 16!