Monday, March 03, 2008

10 Days of Florence, Orvieto, Rome, & Assisi!

Forgive the lack of order in these pictures. We first travelled to Florence with a group of 17. Afterward, three of us went to Orvieto on our way to Rome to meet up with the rest of the school. After Rome the whole school then travelled to Assisi. There we met the sis and are now in Gaming. Gute Reise!

Three charming young men in Orvieto

The charming landscape of Orvieto

Our group in Florence over the Arno River

Florence Cathedral

An Italian gangster

A friend of ours now studying in France (center). We just happened to run into him at the Papal Audience

Al Capone himself

...and his wheels.

Above Assisi

Back in Rome

Benie 16!


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