Monday, January 28, 2008

A couple trial movie clips from a couple beer halls...


I don't believe it at all.

Outside the history museum in Vienna... the weekend before the Salzburg/Munich trip.

The Augustiner Beer Hall, Salzburg... PROST!

No comment.

This man couldn't handle the European MC-withdrawal. Here he is, alone and ashamed...

Outside the cathedral in Salzburg by a statue, the meaning of which I am not sure...

The cathedral in Munich.

I don't know him...

The Hoffbrauhaus in Munich

A view of the City Hall (right) and cathedral (left) in Munich. The terrific view is from the top of a nearby church steeple.

On the top (almost) of the Salzburger Castle. A crazy group of American tourists.

A Weekend in Salzburg and Munich

A couple pictures of the two engines of an old German U-Boat in a massive science museum in Munich.

A grand picture during an evening hike up the cliffs overlooking Salzburg

Overlooking Munich from the small confines of the St. Peters Church steeple...

Up above Munich in the very small confines of the St. Peters Church steeple